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Getting Connected Via Paths in Wilmington, NC

Hello Supporters of GETTING CONNECTED! August 17, 2008

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Thank you so much for your support for the proposed Bicycle Pedestrian paths! 

The GETTING CONNECTED Steering Committee met with Joshuah Mello and the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization BikePed Committee to present our plan for getting safe routes to school and CONNECTING with other neighborhoods and attractions. Joshuah, who is the secretary for the MPO and Associate Planner-Transportation for the City of Wilmington immediately welcomed us to their meeting and allowed us to begin with a five minute presentation.   


Our presentation outlined our Mission Statement and our goals for this community project. The response from the BikePed Committee was so overwhelmingly positive that the five minute presentation easily turned into an hour or so discussion filled with great advice and information from all of the members at the meeting on how to get things kicked off. It was very exciting to see the enthusiasm in the room toward our proposed plan. 


Additionally we met with Patrick Riddle and Ben Hughes, both Traffic Engineers for the Division of Highways of NCDOT.  They both fully understand and support the need for crosswalks at the new roundabout which will greatly enhance the traffic situation at the intersection of Darden and Middlesound Loop Road in front of the elementary school.  They told us that would be completed summer of 2k9 and our need for pedestrian and bicycle access is appreciated. 


We realize that we are only at the very beginning of this effort.  We appreciate the great show of support so far; in just one week, with a somewhat unorganized effort, almost 300 signatures were collected.  We will need more signatures and help as we move forward.  Please click on the getting connected petition link on the right side of this page to sign our petition.  If you know anyone who may be interested/supportive, please forward this web site to them and ask them to sign the petition.  


As we were working with a myriad of handwritings, some who signed the petition may not have received this e mail; please let us know if you signed but only received this from a forward so we can include you on the list for future notices. 


Mark your calendars for the next CRITICAL MASS BIKE RIDE.  Friday, August 29.  Meet at the clock tower at UNCW at 5 pm.  Wear a yellow shirtif you want to show solidarity with the GETTING CONNECTED effort for a bike path in the Middlesound Loop area!


I’m sure you will be hearing more from us as we intend to see this project through!  


Your GETTING CONNECTED Steering Committee and Neighbors,  


Peg Schroeder, Lorann Hellens, Bret Russell, Ed Mondello and Michael Bassano.