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Market Street Transportation Meetings October 28, 2008

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Market Street Corridor Study

Market Street is one of the most important commercial corridors in New Hanover County. It serves as a gateway

to downtown and the historic district. However, rapid growth and poor planning have led to severe congestion,

frequent crashes and a negative public image. Th e Wilmington MPO, NCDOT, City and County offi cials are

partnering to study Market Street from Colonial Drive to the New Hanover/Pender County line, and



we need your help!

If you live, travel or do business on Market Street, then come out and help to

devise a plan to

improve transportation and land use decisions along the corridor.

October 28th – Mark up maps and help to identify

land use and transportation issues and solutions for this

portion of Market Street

October 30th – Review and discuss potential

improvements for this portion of the corridor





Ogden Elementary

3637 Middle Sound Loop Road






Refreshments will be available

If you have any questions regarding the Market Street Study please feel free to contact

Mike Kozlosky (Executive Director/Sr. Transportation Planner) at (910) 342-2781

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm each evening

Public Work Session #2

Focus Area:

From Gordon Road to Pender County Line



Response from Ted Davis October 24, 2008

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Dear Steering Committee:


At a Candidates Forum in Carolina Beach on October 9, 2008, I stated that I would support New Hanover County working with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to develop bicycle pathes that would be safe for the public to use, as well as obtaining the necessary funding to do so.


I would also support such an effort for new bicycle and pedestraian paths connecting the extending neighborhoods of Ogden Elementary School.


Quite frankly, I believe that the biggest obstacle to the implementation of such paths will be funding.  Therefore, I cannot assure you of what, if any, funding that New Hanover County will also be able to provide.


Yours very truly,


Ted Davis, Jr


Response from Bill Kopp October 23, 2008

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Dear Members of Getting Connected Steering Committee:


Thank for the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your Getting Connected initiative in the Middle Sound Loop Road area.  As I conveyed to your during our meeting, this is an initiative that I whole-heartedly support and I will continue to lobby the North Carolina Department of Transportation, our local Transportation Advisory Committee, and County administration in facilitating in such a plan.


During our meeting I also conveyed to you that counties, as recently as the last session of the General Assembly, are now legally able to spend tax dollars for road-type projects and as this type of multi-use path will be within the NCDOT right-of-ways, the project will need the cooperation of NCDOT and local funding from New Hanover County.


During our meeting, I also suggested to you that the community affected by this initative could help expedite the project by making a local contribution, either financially or in some other way.


I look forward to working with you on this project.




Bill Kopp



Response from Brian Berger October 21, 2008

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Hello Getting Connected Members,


I applaud your efforts and dedication in promoting expansion of multi-use paths in the Ogden area. Further, I support your efforts. It appears to me that a reasonable approach would involve collaboration between citizen activists (a.k.a. those who are about their community and improving residents quality of life), New Hanover County resources and the DOT. With regards to the NC DOT, money compels. A commitment from the County Parks Department and/or New Hanover County Public Schools, to maintain any facility which is constructed would be crucial to securing NC DOT interest in pursuing a project of this nature. In fact, DOT stipulates that they have to have a maintenance agreement to proceed.


Identifying potential grants, and private organizations willing to commit to the project’s maintenance and upkeep activities, perhaps including Getting Connecting, would go a long way toward making the project more feasible as we head into a period where reduced budget resources and increased demands for funding will be exacerbated.


Given the traffic issues and other benefits affected by the proposed multi-use path expansion, I welcome the opportunity to work with members of Get Connected to pursue the organization’s objectives and identify creative solutions to acheive the desired end-goal, by bringing together a range of stakeholders and exploring all of the options that could make the fully-developed multi-use path in Ogden a reality.


Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any questions, comments or would like to lend support to my campaign.


Best Regards,


Brian Berger

527 Commons Way
Wilmington, NC 28049
(910) 431-3115


Candidate Positions October 15, 2008

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The following letter has been sent to the following political candidates. We will post responses as soon as we have them. We encourage everyone to vote this election and to make an informed decision.

Julia Boseman, Micheal Lee, Danny McComas, Sandra Spaulding Hughes, George J. Swart, Carolyn Justice, Jonathan Barfield, Jr., Ted Davis, Jr., Bill Kopp, Jason R. Thompson, Brian Matthew Berger.

Re: Upcoming Election and Multi-Use Paths

Dear Candidate:

Please accept the following inquiry on behalf of the Getting Connected, a local citizens’ group aimed at the pursuit of new bicycle and pedestrian paths CONNECTING the extended neighborhoods of Ogden Elementary School. To date over 600 New Hanover County residents that have signed our petition in support of new bicycle and pedestrian paths. We recently had a neighborhood ride with over 125 people in attendance; many of which where children and families.

We are interested in offering all local candidates the chance to express their position on adding and supporting new multi-use paths in the area. We believe that additional multi-use paths will dramatically increase the health and quality of life of our local residents. In addition, studies have shown that multi-use paths increase property values and the subsequent tax values. For additional information on our campaign you can visit

As a potential non-profit organization we can not endorse particular candidates. However, we can effectively communicate your positions with our supporters and the residents of the Ogden area. We look forward to hearing your views on multi-us paths and any other positions that you might have relevant to this issue.


Getting Connected Steering Committee
Michael Bassano
Lorann Hellens
Ed Mondello
Brett Russell
Adam Shay
Peg Schroeder

cc: Patrick Gannon, Wilmington Star News


Getting Connected Logo October 6, 2008

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Getting Connected Logo

Getting Connected Logo

We are real excited about our new logo.  You should start seeing around town more and more as we get the word out.


The First Ride- 9/28/08 4PM October 2, 2008

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The first Getting Connected Middlesound Loop Neighborhood Bicycle Ride took place on Sunday, September 27.  More than 125 people of all ages took part. Everyone was invited by, a local citizens group working to get bicycle pedestrian paths to connect the neighborhoods surrounding the Ogden Elementary School.  The turnout evidenced the need and desire for the paths as the riders took to the street and slowed very patient drivers for a good stretch of Middlesound Loop Road before entering the local neighborhoods.

We would like to thank everyone that came out.  It was a great sense of community.  The feedback we have received has been great and the Lanier Family summed it up well: “To all that participated in and organized Sunday’s ride. Thank you for all that you are doing in supporting this very worthy cause. I, along with my boys ages 7 and 5, had a blast.” 

We hope to continue this new tradition of neighborhood rides in the near future.