Getting Connected

Getting Connected Via Paths in Wilmington, NC

Mission Statement June 17, 2009

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GETTING CONNECTED is a local citizens’ group aimed at the pursuit of new bicycle and pedestrian paths CONNECTING the extended neighborhoods of the Ogden Elementary School area. These paths are aimed along such roads as Covil Farms, Hawk, Red Cedar, Middlesound Loop, Darden, and beyond. This initiative has long been clearly established in the guidelines of the North Carolina Bicycle and Bikeway Act of 1974. These paths will not only CONNECT children and parents to the school but also CONNECT pedestrians and bicyclists to local attractions and amenities such as the brand new multi-use path along Military Cutoff, the beach, the Forum, Mayfaire, the Cross-City Trail and more. Furthermore, these paths will encourage people to get outside and enjoy healthy lifestyles and pursue alternate forms of transportation while feeling safe on these new routes.

GETTING CONNTECTED recognizes the benefits of this bicycle pedestrian path as an opportunity to:

  • Provide Ogden Elementary School children safe and healthy access to their school in accordance with the Federal and State Safe Routes to School initiative;
  • Reduce the continually increasing traffic in the areas around Ogden Elementary School, thereby making the roads safer for everyone;
  • Improve the health of our citizens of all ages through safe and easy access for walking and bicycling;
  • Provide better and safer alternative means to commute to nearby grocery and retail stores, banks, library, medical and professional offices, restaurants, and more, by CONNECTING the already established and underused bicycle pedestrian paths beginning at Military Cutoff Road and further connecting to Eastwood Road and beyond, thereby CONNECTING thousands of citizens in the greater Wilmington area in a healthy, safe, community spirited environment;
  • Reduce carbon emissions thereby improving the quality of the air we all breathe;
  • Reduce the amount of fossil fuels being burned and conserve energy, helping to break America’s dependence on oil by providing safe routes within our neighborhoods.

GETTING CONNECTED Steering Committee

Michael Bassano

Lorann Hellens

Ed Mondello

Bret Russell

Peg Schroeder

Adam Shay