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Getting Connected Via Paths in Wilmington, NC


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RALEIGH — The way the N.C. Department of Transportation plans and designs its projects is changing.

The N.C. Board of Transportation today voted unanimously to approve the Complete Streets policy at its meeting in Raleigh. The policy directs NCDOT to consider accommodating several modes of transportation when building new projects or making improvements to existing infrastructure.

In the past, the department had no set policy instructing staff to think about alternative forms of transportation when planning projects. Although some engineers did add resources for pedestrians, bicyclists and those who take public transportation to their designs, it was not a requirement.

“This policy creates a solid foundation on which we can build a better transportation system for all types of commuters,” said Transportation Secretary Gene Conti. “NCDOT is not just a road-building department, and this policy emphasizes our commitment to safe and efficient travel for everyone.”

The benefits of this new approach include:
• Improving safety;
• Making it easier for travelers to get where they need to go;
• Encouraging the use of alternative forms of transportation;
• Increasing connectivity between streets and transit systems; and
• Building a strong sense of community.

Under the new policy, the department will collaborate with cities, towns and communities during the design and planning phases of projects. Together, they will decide if the transportation options available will serve the needs of the people and compliment the context of the area.
Click Here for the Official Press Release


New Share the Road Signs February 24, 2009

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If you have noticed the new Share the Road signs and pedestrian warning signs along Red Cedar and on Old Fort and Cannon Roads, pat yourself on the back! They are the first empirical evidence of the efforts of Getting Connected.

They were installed by the DOT in February as a start in addressing the issue of bicycle and pedestrian safety within the parameters of our overall plan.

Your signature on the petition helped. Please continue to encourage others to support these efforts by signing the petition.

Old Fort Just Off Hawk Rd

On Old Fort Just Off Hawk Rd

On Cannon Just Off Red Cedar

On Cannon Just Off Red Cedar


February 3, 2009

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Getting Connected has been working diligently for Federal grant money through the Safe Routes to School Program. The grant money for which we applied is intended for infrastructure improvements to facilitate children being able to walk or cycle to an elementary school.

We have worked closely with the Administration of the Ogden Elementary School as well as our CHAMPION, Chris O’Keefe, Director of Planning for New Hanover County. Mandatory to the grant application is a resolution from the County Commissioners authorizing the County as lead agency to submit the grant application and to administer the grant. At the February 2, 2k9 regular meeting of the New Hanover County Commissioners, the resolution was signed, making the application complete. The application has been submitted.

As outlined in the application, the grant money will be used to bring the multi-use path from Red Cedar along Middlesound Loop Road, to the school and across the entire length of the front of the school. The proposal is for a 7’ wide path allowing for pedestrians and bicycles.

Grant recipients are notified June 2k9, so keep your fingers crossed!

Getting Connected makes YouTube!

Perhaps you’ve had a look at the video of our second neighborhood ride. Hats off to Bruce Santhuff, a Getting Connected volunteer who is responsible for making the video. And thanks to his team, Craig Snow who helped shoot the video, and Bryan Cournoyer who edited it. Thanks guys! It looks great!


Haven’t checked out the video yet? Well, you can here on the Getting Connected site and you’ll want to see it for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that the North Carolina Department of Transportation along with the New Hanover County Commission has awarded us $200,000 for our multi-use path.

The money will be used to create multi-use pathway which will tie in from the current path at the corner of Military Cutoff and Covil Farm Roads, run along Covil Farm Road to the corner of Old Fort Road, covering about 7/10 of among the most hazardous sections between our neighborhood and the path on Military Cutoff Road. This money should be released to us July 2k9. In the meantime, engineering work is being done to create the best plan, with the most frugal use of the funds to get the path as far as we can with the allotted money.

Thanks for everyone’s support.

Pass the word and get more signatures for the petition!


Getting Connected T-Shirts Available! December 17, 2008

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We now have Getting Connected T-Shirts available!  Help us spread the word and raise money at the same time.  They are available in white on black and black on white.  Prices are as follows:

Adult Short Sleeve $10

Adult Long Sleeve $12

Youth Short Sleeve $8

Adult sizes are small, medium, large, x-large.

Youth sizes are small, medium, large.

Email us at with a subject of T-Shirt.  In your email include your color choice, size, and contact information and we will follow-up with you to arrange a local pick-up.  We will also try to have shirts available at our rides and other events.  Below is a picture of the front of the shirts.  The backs are blank.




Market Street Transportation Meetings October 28, 2008

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Market Street Corridor Study

Market Street is one of the most important commercial corridors in New Hanover County. It serves as a gateway

to downtown and the historic district. However, rapid growth and poor planning have led to severe congestion,

frequent crashes and a negative public image. Th e Wilmington MPO, NCDOT, City and County offi cials are

partnering to study Market Street from Colonial Drive to the New Hanover/Pender County line, and



we need your help!

If you live, travel or do business on Market Street, then come out and help to

devise a plan to

improve transportation and land use decisions along the corridor.

October 28th – Mark up maps and help to identify

land use and transportation issues and solutions for this

portion of Market Street

October 30th – Review and discuss potential

improvements for this portion of the corridor





Ogden Elementary

3637 Middle Sound Loop Road






Refreshments will be available

If you have any questions regarding the Market Street Study please feel free to contact

Mike Kozlosky (Executive Director/Sr. Transportation Planner) at (910) 342-2781

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm each evening

Public Work Session #2

Focus Area:

From Gordon Road to Pender County Line



Response from Ted Davis October 24, 2008

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Dear Steering Committee:


At a Candidates Forum in Carolina Beach on October 9, 2008, I stated that I would support New Hanover County working with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to develop bicycle pathes that would be safe for the public to use, as well as obtaining the necessary funding to do so.


I would also support such an effort for new bicycle and pedestraian paths connecting the extending neighborhoods of Ogden Elementary School.


Quite frankly, I believe that the biggest obstacle to the implementation of such paths will be funding.  Therefore, I cannot assure you of what, if any, funding that New Hanover County will also be able to provide.


Yours very truly,


Ted Davis, Jr


Response from Bill Kopp October 23, 2008

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Dear Members of Getting Connected Steering Committee:


Thank for the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your Getting Connected initiative in the Middle Sound Loop Road area.  As I conveyed to your during our meeting, this is an initiative that I whole-heartedly support and I will continue to lobby the North Carolina Department of Transportation, our local Transportation Advisory Committee, and County administration in facilitating in such a plan.


During our meeting I also conveyed to you that counties, as recently as the last session of the General Assembly, are now legally able to spend tax dollars for road-type projects and as this type of multi-use path will be within the NCDOT right-of-ways, the project will need the cooperation of NCDOT and local funding from New Hanover County.


During our meeting, I also suggested to you that the community affected by this initative could help expedite the project by making a local contribution, either financially or in some other way.


I look forward to working with you on this project.




Bill Kopp